What Glass is Recommended

Five Top Tips About Garden Shed Windows

Five Top Tips About Garden Shed Windows

Five Top Tips About Garden Shed Windows

To try to help you make the right decision we highlight what you should look out for and what you should avoid and - as importantly WHY. Whilst we all want the cheapest price for our garden shed it's really important that you ensure you buy a building which will fill all your needs and, very importantly, will stand the test of time. This is why you need to do a little homework beforehand. Yes, I know, we were all not keen on doing 'homework' but believe me this homework is vital to ensure you are happy when your new building is delivered.

Garden Sheds Tips

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1/   What Types of Glass is There?
Glass is the normal option for garden sheds for the window and is normally horticultural glass. This is to a certain degree slight seconds in so much as there might be slight marks or blemishes.

Other alternatives are toughened glass, laminated glass and wired glass. Toughened glass is the recommended option nowadays and most good shed makers offer this as standard (free) or as an option.

2/   Tips About Types of Glass
The way toughened glass is made means that its very strong and, more importantly, if it breaks then it shatters in lots of tiny safe pieces rather than having jagged edges. Great peace of mind when there are children or grandchildren about. Laminated glass consists of two sheets of glass with an internal plastic shed effectively making a sandwich. This is incredibly strong and if it was to break the glass sheet stays in one piece. A further option is wired glass which is great for security. With this the glass is made with wire inside the glass so is very hard to break through. A bit of an 'overkill' in most instances. Often it's cheaper to put bars on the windows for security.

3/   Beware of Plastic Windows
At the cheaper end plastic, styrene or acrylic is sometimes used as this is cheaper than glass. However, unlike 'proper' glass, these types of windows tend to rattle in the wind. Also they tend to scratch and lose their clarity within a few short years, so not recommended. Besides that they are not as environmentally friendly as 'proper' glass as plastic type windows are made from oil which is a dwindling natural resource. Glass is made from silica - one of the most abundant materials on the planet.

4/   How Thick Are The Windows?
Normal horticultural glass is about 3mm thick so is quite rigid but plastic, styrene etc are normally about half this thickness at 1˝mm thick. This is why these types of windows will move in the wind. Toughened glass is normally thicker than horticultural glass and laminated is thicker again. Toughened glass is the recommended option.

5/   How Many Windows and Do They Open?
Check whether your proposed garden shed includes opening window as many do not. Ask if there is an option for openers if required. Garden sheds windows should have a window ledge and be sealed properly to ensure water doesn't come into the shed.

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