Capital Steel Framed Structures Industrial Buildings

It's amazing how much people can spend on the latest gadgets and items needed to keep up with the 'Jones's' and if people only stop and think they will realise they need to take great care of them or they could be stolen. Besides that our ever changing weather is throwing everything at these valuables such as snow, frost, high winds and heavy rain so you need to ensure you give them the best protection. This is where the Capital Steel light industrial buildings come into their own.

The portal frame design of these light industrial buildings ensures that these buildings can be assembled very quickly. As these building are delivered in sections for self fitting, or the building can be erected for you, they are assembled in a fraction of the time it takes to build a concrete or brick industrial building.

This unique design ensure a very quick turnaround time and we have had clients using their new Capital Steel light industrial building within 6 weeks and this is fully assembled. Another plus for these building is that they can be extended relatively easily as well as it being easy to dismantle and to have it re-erected on another site. 100% flexibility. As these steel buildings are made to YOUR size you can be sure it will fit your location and YOUR budget. Price wise these Capital Steel Buildings will beat traditional building methods 'hands down' and with the superb pricing structure this will mean more money on your 'bottom line'.

Many companies could look at these Capital Steel Buildings as an option for renovating and this is something that could have happened in Wales. In Pontmorlais, Merthyr Tydfil some redundant industrial buildings and farm buildings were renovated with the assistance of a National Lottery grant of over 1.5 million. The reasoning behind this scheme was to encourage businesses to set up business in the town.

Care was taken, in particular, with historical industrial buildings in the High Street, with many of these buildings built late 18th and early 19th centuries. This money came from the Heritage Lottery Fund's (HLF) Townscape Heritage Initiative whose purpose is to provide funding for areas that have suffered the greatest over the last number of years.

The head of HLF in Wales, Jennifer Stewart, claimed that the money will help support local councils as well as residents to transform their towns. This includes essential repairs, as well as improvements, with the aim of attracting local businesses and visitors into the town.

Capital Steel Buildings, which 1st Choice Leisure Buildings can supply, could also be considered for new business as these can be used for commercial and industrial buildings. As they are made from solid, fully galvanised, cold rolled high tensile steel with a 25 years guarantee these steel buildings are seen as a boost to the economy in general. This form of building is seen as the future as being flexible, attractive, functional and very cost effective.