Commercial Industrial Steel Portal Frame Buildings

Great Britain is a relatively small country, about 650 miles from top to tail not counting the outer islands. Within this small size there is a massive difference in weather and temperature and this means that any industrial or commercial buildings and homes need to be designed accordingly.

If you are down in the south west of the UK the weather is very balmy with quite high warm temperatures enabling all sorts of exotic plants and fruit to grow. In the Torquay, Paignton area it is known as the English Riviera as the weather is so mild and you can see palm trees growing all over the place. This means that any industrial buildings don't have to cope with very strong winds or excessive weather.

Moving up through the country and you will find that the weather is a little cooler, on the west of the country it is normally wetter, on the east it normally colder. Moving up to the North East of England and Scotland the weather can be quite extreme when the winds blow down from the north.

All this means is that any buildings have to be designed to their local environment, whether it cold, wet or windy these all need to be taken into account with any buildings. Larger buildings such as industrial buildings, factories and commercial units need special attention to ensure they are constructed soundly because they tend to have much larger open space inside.

In 2009 a scheme was created in Scotland to help replace about 3000 old and derelict agricultural buildings. A sum of £3 million was made available by the Scottish government to aid the purchase of new farm buildings which were to house livestock. The reason for this is that these dilapidated buildings were responsible for the deaths of thousands of ewes and lambs during the cold weather of that year. A further £200,000 of emergency aid was also allocated for sheep farmers where, sadly, would be used to dispose of some of the carcasses.

The country's rural affairs secretary, Richard Lochhead, said that the level of optimism had been dented by the extreme weather of that year. He also hoped that local authorities would work with farmers and help them with their farm buildings and out houses as best as possible. The main problem with these farm buildings was their lack of ability to withstand the Scottish weather with many of these agricultural units just collapsing.

It was hoped that farmers would have seen the benefits of Capital Steel Buildings portal frame agricultural and farm buildings which would be built to the size they wanted and more importantly they would be engineered to withstand the worse of any weather thrown at them.

This is where Capital Steel Buildings has an advantage over most other steel industrial buildings manufacturers. All their buildings are designed using special software when calculates precisely how strong the building needs to be. The calculations takes into account the expected wind speed, the height above sea level, the distance from the sea and the normal usage whether it's for industrial use or agricultural use.

This software, which is unique to Capital Steel Buildings, was commissioned by them in collaboration with their operation in Australia, where these types of portal frame buildings are common place, and also with expertise from Strathclyde University in Scotland. No other steel building company has access to this level of sophistication, no other company can other such a versatile range of steel buildings. And with the ability to make any size industrial building to your precise size is totally unique and unbeatable. Contact Capital Steel Buildings now for a free no obligation quote to meet your precise needs, whether it's for an industrial building, a farm or agricultural building or commercial factory unit.