Choosing A Garden Shed, Summerhouse or Garden Workshop

The garden shed is a 'must have' for most garden owners and with the wonders of the web there is a myriad of web sites to choose from. The problem is there are, as in most things in life, a large variation in the quality (or lack of quality) to choose from. As the garden shed is not a regular purchase it's essential that you get sound garden shed buying advice to ensure you select the garden shed or summerhouse to suit your needs and pocket.

Garden Shed Buying Advice From An Expert

Buying advice for garden sheds should include what things to look out for and what to avoid, and more importantly, WHY! This is why listening to someone who has been in the garden shed business for a very long time is important. Whilst he does not claim to know all there is to know, he can offer good sound advice as to what you should be looking out for. And this is not always the most expensive garden shed. The important thing is what value you will get and in some instances - even the cheap and nasty garden sheds may suit your needs. Garden sheds buying advice told as it is.

More About Robin Antill - the Garden Shed Man

Robin has been in the garden shed business since 1979 so has many years of experience in the making of garden sheds, summer buildings and garden workshops. Never in all those years did he sell a garden shed, he allowed his garden sheds to sell themselves, and this was achieved by ensuring his customers could see the quality of his sheds and summerhouses before buying. This is something which very few web sites selling garden sheds do. But he was always there to offer free garden shed buying advice, and in some instances, advised the customer to go elsewhere if it was appropriate. His ethos is that you should always offer the best advice and never try to mislead potential customers.

He has gained specialised knowledge in the construction of garden shed and timber products from his experience of running Titan Garden Buildings (which was one of the largest garden sheds companies in the South East) for over 20 years. The knowledge and expertise gained over all those years make him ideal for offering garden shed buying advice to the public in an unbiased way. The important thing is to offer a honest garden sheds buying guide with many valuable tips. Modestly, he is seen as an authority in offering good garden sheds advice as he explains why you should consider his advice before buying a new garden shed. His garden sheds tips are well worth considering before you commit to buying a shed or summerhouse as this may save you some grief in the future.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Garden Shed or Summerhouse

It's sometime hard to know what questions your should be asking before you choose a new garden shed. Take a look here for the most important ones to ask to ensure you have the best advice.

How To Decide on Choice of Garden Sheds and the Useage of.

It's important to decide on what you are going to use your garden shed for and this page of garden shed advice can help guide you in your choice.

How To Decide Which Materials for Garden Sheds & Summerhouses

Timber tends to be the most popular and also traditional choice of material. Choosing a garden shed can mean considering other options such as metal, plastic or concrete, although summerhouses tend to be wooden. Free advice.

Great Advice & Tips About Garden Sheds & Summerhouse Roofs Before Buying

The roof is one of the most essential parts of your new garden shed or summerhouse. Free buying advice to ensure you get the best type of roof for your garden building.

Free Buying Guide and Advice about Garden Sheds and Summerhouses Floors

Choosing a garden shed or summerhouse floor is crucial to the long life of you new garden building. This free buying advice will ensure you don't buy a 'dud'.

Choosing Right Type of Garden Sheds or Summerhouses Doors

This often seems likes a trivial subject but the right garden shed guidance will ensure this part of the shed, the only moving part, will last throughout the shed or summerhouse's life.

Always Check Out Customer Feedback Before Buying

Customer feedback is important when buying. An example of what to look out for is on this page Reviews and Testimonials for 1st Choice Leisure Buildings