How To Decide On Choice Of Garden Sheds or Summerhouses

There are many questions to answer before even looking for a new garden shed or summerhouse because if you don't you may find that your new building won't meet your requirements. This could mean you having to buy an additional building sooner than you thought. So take the time to consider your option and obtain the right building for you - first time around.

Size of Garden Shed or Summerhouse in the Garden

The most important consideration is the size of your new building. Generally this is dictated by the size of your garden but always try to buy the largest building possible. But don't compromise on the quality to get a larger building as this will often come back and 'bite you on the bottom'. The main reason to choose a larger building is you will find very quickly that the garden shed or summerhouse chosen will soon fill up with all the 'bits and pieces' you have got at the moment. Over the years you will collect more which will clutter up your new building making it harder to access your tools etc. Or you will find your summerhouse ends up being used as a store room rather than a place to relax.

Location of Garden Shed or Summerhouse in the Garden

Quite often this is decided for you by the size of your garden and a common question which companies like 1st Choice Leisure Buildings are asked regularly. The answer can be varied but mostly it depends on what you are going to use your new garden building for. If you are thinking of a greenhouse or summerhouse then it makes sense that these buildings are located so they receive the maximum amount of sun. However a garden shed or garden workshop is best out of the sun so that it does not too hot during the summer. If you have a path going down the garden then try to locate the door where the path meets the shed (seems obvious but can be overlooked) By doing so you will ensure that you are not traipsing mud into the shed and back indoors.

It's not a good idea to have trees or shrubs overhanging your new building because over time they can build up and cause leaks or damp in the building. If this can't be avoided ensure that any branches and bushes are not rubbing over the roofing felt as this can make holes in the felt. Every now and then remove any build up of leaves from the roof. The addition of gutters can help in these instances. If you have an area in your garden where water sits and you want to site your new building there then ensure it is raised up off the ground and allow air to circulate underneath the floor.

Position in Relation to Obstacles

Most garden sheds and summerhouse can be built close to walls, fences and hedges etc BUT you do need to allow at least 6 inches gap from them to allow for the roof overhang. This advice relates to the 1st Choice Garden Sheds and Summerhouses. If you buy a building elsewhere DO check with them to ensure there is not a problem when the building is built. However, you do need to consider how you will treat your new garden building after delivery if it's very close to any obstacles. Some people have used a garden sprayer, such as the Cuprinol ones, and from the roof have been able to lean down into the gap and add treatment.

Services Within the Garden Shed or Summerhouse

With a greenhouse you may need a water supply so give some consideration about that. It you intend to use the garden shed as a workshop then an electric supply would be good so ensure you plan this beforehand. A summerhouse could also benefit from this but normally these are only used during the day for leisure purposes. It could be that you need a telephone line in your building, and if that is the case, it may be a good idea to locate your new building near to the house.

Other Considerations in Deciding Which Building

Ensure that your new building will have sufficient height to meet your needs. You need to be able to stand comfortably inside if you are working in there, however, if the building is just for storage then you can get away with a little less height. But do consider whether you may have a change of use for the building later on. It always good to have space for shelves in your shed so take this into account when choosing. Some shed makers offer these as an option so give some thought to this.

A summerhouse can be used as an home office and it likely to be in full view. Check out any legal issue on this site to be sure. Give some consideration to the appearance from outside as well. Some cheap summerhouses only virtue is they may serve a purpose for a certain amount of time. Again if you the building is to be used for working in or as an office then an option to be able to line and insulate (should that be - insulate and line?) is a great option to go for. This will make it easier to heat in the winter and help to keep it cooler in the summer.