Versatile Capital Steel Farm Buildings and Agricultural Buildings

Even though Britain has about 60 million people it is still covered by countryside as the majority of people live in cities, town and villages. And in those towns and villages most people are lucky enough to have some garden where they can relax and generally have a garden shed for storing their garden equipment and garden furniture. In the cities it is quite different as there are many people living in flats and apartments and they don't have the opportunity to have a garden shed or garden. Even in the house with gardens they tend to be small compact gardens but they still can but a small shed to fill up an odd corner. Normally you would only see steel portal framed buildings on commercial estates or farms.

Outside in the countryside you tend to find much larger houses where people with more money tend to live. Their gardens could probably house 10 houses each complete with their own garden and garden shed. In between these houses are miles and miles of fields which is used for growing crops or keeping livestock. This is important for our country as this helps to keep our exports down. The farmhouses attached to these farm estates tend to be quite large as they are essentially working areas. With their large steel barns for storing straw, hay and crops and the cow sheds you will find the boundary between the fields and the home is quite small. I think these must be very special people who live this life who work very hard generally speaking.

Farm buildings are quite spacious and when they come up for sale they are very popular. Up in Scotland a while ago a range of farm buildings and a fenced garden came up for sale. This estate, Nether Horsburg, was nearly 1000 acres in size, which is a very substantial size. This estate included a traditional Georgian four bed roomed farmhouse, as well as range of farm and steel industrial buildings. Also included was a second 3 bed roomed home complete with garden and garden sheds. The actual land varied from arable, permanent grazing and hill grazing.

There were other farm buildings as well and these includes a shepherd's cottage and farmsteads will were suitable for redevelopment. Within the farm buildings were traditional former byres, sheep sheds, stables and barns. Within the wall garden is an areas suitable for children and we as a traditional garden with garden buildings such as garden sheds or summerhouse.

The agents dealing with the property obviously sung the praises for this unique property and in its sales information described it as a most attractive and versatile property which it certainly sounds like it is. As this property had only come on the market for the 1st time in 70 years there was expected to be a great deal of interest in it with offers being in the region of 2 million pounds. I know if I had the money it could certainly tempt me away from my garden shed business so I could live the high life in a very peaceful setting. Well - we can dream, can't we!