Questions to Ask Before Buying a Garden Shed or Summerhouse

Before buying a garden shed, summerhouse or garden workshop you need to do some home work (sorry!) to ensure you know which garden building will suit YOU. The reason for this is that there are so many companies selling sheds and summerhouses on the web it can be quite confusing. Whilst most web companies are open and transparent about their products there are many that will try to hide information from you, hoping you will buy on price alone. And most people know about the advice 'if it sounds too good to be true - then it usually is'. It's a little like trying to compare a bottom of range car with a Range Rover - what you get will be two different things. It's the same with garden sheds so always try to get advice before buying.

Are The Garden Sheds, Summer Houses On Display?

Because of the many different qualities of garden sheds and summerhouses it vitally important that you are given the opportunity to view them beforehand. By doing so you can be sure that the quality is right and secondly this will also give you the comfort that you are not dealing with a 'fly by night' company. Even if you don't view the fact that a display site, such as this one, is an option should give you the confidence in that particular company as they would be happy for their products to be scrutinised.

How Good is The Timber Cladding Used?

The quality of timber involved in a good quality garden shed or summerhouse is a large amount of the cost but a building made from good quality timber will last a great deal longer than the cheaper timber. The cheaper timber would normally be used on cheap furniture framing where it is out of site and in the dry. Using cheap timber is not a good recipe for long life outside. Is the timber redwood or the cheaper whitewood? Redwood, used on these ranges of garden buildings. will naturally last longer due to its property of retaining some of the sap in the wood giving is a 'waxy' like feel. Whitewood can be prone to dryness and little knots dropping out.

Are The Floor and Roofs Made From Solid Timber?

Many of the cheap garden sheds and summerhouses floors and roofs are made using chipboard, OSB (oriental strand board), wafer board or cheap plywood. This is totally unsuitable for outdoor use because as soon as the thes boards get wet they will start to disintegrate - meaning a premature end to your shed. You will also find many online shed companies describing these types of materials as 'sheet material' trying to make out it better but are in fact hiding the fact they are using this cheap unsuitable material on their sheds.

Can You Choose The Size or Style of Shed or Summerhouses?

The standard sizes of sheds or summerhouses and basic styles may suit your needs but wouldn't it be nice to be able a size that suits YOUR needs. Wouldn't it be nice to have the doors and windows to suit your garden rather than compromising? You will find that most web based companies will only offer a few set sizes and styles, hardly ideal. Garden shed companies such as this one offer a full range of sizes as well as styles to suit you - meaning to get the building to suit you.

Do You Have To Pay Extra for Assembly and Delivery?

Assembling a garden shed is not everybody's 'cup of tea' and can be quite hard work. The companies which don't offer free assembly claim it easy to build a shed but in real life it's not. It's true that a good DIYer can assemble a shed and maybe enjoy doing it but because the building is exposed to the elements it's important the job is done right. If the shed leaks you only got yourself to blame - there's no comeback from the shed company which sold it to you. 1st Choice Leisure Buildings will assemble all garden sheds, workshops and summerhouses at no extra charge, a clear winner in my view.

How Thick is The Framing on the Garden Shed or Summerhouse

The thickness of the framing is crucial to the strength of the building so it's important it's of a good size. Ideally you should be looking for at least 2" x 2" (nominal) internal framing so your building can withstand the rigours of the British weathers. Many of the cheap sheds have framing a quarter of that size 1" x 1". Is it worth the risk to save a few pounds?

How Tall Are the Buildings?

Always check the height of your proposed building AND ensure you know whether the sizes are internal OR external (again some companies can be misleading). You will find that a decent garden shed or summerhouse manufacturer will ensure a good internal height. Many of the web sheds are only suitable for midgets or the Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

What Conditions are Attached to the Guarantees or Warranties?

When you buy a garden shed or summerhouse it will come as standard with a warranty, however, many of the web companies claim to offer 10 years warranty which seems really good. But like everything it not all it cracked up to be. You will find many restrictive conditions attached so if you make a claim hey will not be honoured. To make it worse it's nigh on impossible to find details of these guarantees on their web sites. Why? Because they don't want you to see the limitations of them.

Are The Sheds Made in the UK and are They Stock Piled?

If the sheds or summerhouses are made in the UK there is more control on the manufacturing process and more choice of size and styles. If the buildings are made in bulk this can help to keep the prices a little lower but the buildings could be damaged whilst being moved about. By having your new garden shed or summerhouse made just for YOU you know it will arrive in the best pristine condition.

This site will help with relevant garden building planning help.