Steel Framed Buildings Valuable Information & Stories

One of the most frightening things to happen to an industrial building is fire as this can spread rapidly is allowed to. This is why its essential that every precaution is taken to ensure that your commercial or industrial building has all the fire prevention features in pace. Not only tat you need to have a regular appointed fire officer with the power to insist on action if your industrial building is at risk.

Modern steel industrial buildings have to be built to a very high standard with fire proof walls to stop any fire spreading to the requirement to have suitable fire extinguishing equipment in place, such as fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems. However sprinkler systems are only an aid to control the fire they won't necessarily put the fire out. This means that care must be taken and every stage in your industrial factory to ensure they are never called upon. All waste should be moved away into suitable waste receptacles, all gangways should be keep clear for ease of escape and all stock or items produce should be stored away from heat sources.

By the use of fire resistant materials inside your factory or industrial unit this can ensure that any fire is contained within a small area meaning it can be fought relatively easily. With fire extinguishers in the correct places your factory or commercial unit won't be at risk.

Only a few weeks ago in Weymouth, on the Granby Industrial Estate, two industrial farm buildings engulfed both buildings causing a massive amount of damage. An adjoining building was affected by smoke. Thankfully there was no reports of any injuries. The scale of the fire meant that forty five fire fighters using breathing apparatus and with the help of an aerial ladder took over three hours to bring this fire under control. The damaged industrial buildings are thought to have been a car workshop and a clothes shop. After the fire was extinguished fire fighters stay on to dampen down the premises.

Also in Bolton there were separate incidents involving fire in garden sheds which were exasperated by the storage of flammable contents inside these sheds. After the reporting of the fire in the early hours fire fighters were able to bring it under control even though a great deal of expense was incurred.

This is where Capital Steel Buildings can help with their range of portal frame steel industrial buildings and commercial buildings. This are suitable for large industrial units right down to large garden workshops and with the option of fire resistant composite insulated steel panels can offer great protection against the fire threat. As these Capital Steel Buildings are made from solid cold rolled high tensile steel this means they are extremely durable and have great strength.

The addition of the double skinned fully PIR fire rated walls and ceilings can offer a superb accommodation for any valuables or indeed any flammable items. Having said that any flammable items should be treated with respect and all precautions taken to protect your industrial building or workspace.